Kokedama Soil

Kokedama is a special type of bonsai, which focuses on moss rather than trees. Balls of soil are bundled in moss and twine and displayed as simple geometric expressions of the quiet beauty of moss and small plants. Our Kokedama Soil is made from the finest compost and coir available. It is triple screened and blended with natural nutrients and iron-rich clay to make the finest kokedama substrate available.


• Kokedama Soil
• Rainwater or spring water. Most municipal tap water contains chlorine, which is not good for the kokedama soil. If you need to use tap water, just let it sit open in the sun for a day or two, it should be fine.
• A mixing bowl.
• Twine.
• A work surface that you can get dirty.
• Some sheet moss.
• A saucer and pebbles or a hook for hanging.


1. In a round-bottomed bowl, gradually add water to the Kokedama soil and knead until you have a mixture that forms easily and holds its shape.
2. Form the moistened soil as desired.
3. Wrap the kokedama soil in moss and bind it with twine so the moss is secure. If you will be hanging your kokedama, leave a length for this purpose.
4. Display your kokedama by hanging it or by placing it in a saucer with pebbles.

Kokedama Care

Moisture management is critical for kokedama, especially if you have added plants in addition to moss. Moss itself is somewhat resilient to drought. It will shrivel up and rebound when moist. Other types of plants do not have this capacity. We recommend that you stick to moss only or use succulents as plants if you are sometimes prone to neglecting your plants or are new to the art of kokedama.

Moisten kokedama by misting regularly. Depending on the ambient humidity, you may have to moisten more or less frequently. You can also quickly dip your kokedama in a container of water. Do not soak for prolonged periods.

If you live in a dry region, placing your kokedama on pebbles in a bowl is a good idea. Put water in the bowl to the level of the pebbles, which will help keep the humidity high right around the kokedama.

Moss will only grow when wet. Do not panic if the moss dries out for a few days. Just moisten it regularly and it should recover.

The nutrients in the Kokedama Soil should last for several years.