Kokedama Soil

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Just add water, knead, and form! Have confidence that your moss and plants will get what they need! Our Kokedama Soils are a rich blend containing:

  • Finely sifted, aged, and sustainably-sourced compost
  • Iron-rich, seed-free, domestically-sourced clay.
  • Micronutrient-rich mineral dust from volcanic deposits in Utah.
  • All natural rice hulls, that help the soil retain healthy structure for root penetration.
  • Coconut coir, dramatically improves moisture retention.

Our Kokedama Soils form exceptionally easily and hold together outstandingly well through moisture cycles. Avoid the run-around and hassle of rounding up supplies, and build your kokedama with confidence. Each kg makes two kokedama that are approximately 3″ in diameter.

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